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David Dipnall

David was born in Scotland of English parents in the early war years but received his education at Portsmouth Grammar School. He decided to pursue Engineering Design as a career and held various positions in product design until 1968, when he and his wife Audrey decided to travel the world. He left England in September 1968 and drove overland to India, and then on by various means to arrive in Australia in January 1969.

Australia became their home for the next five years during which time he worked initially in product design, but later found an opportunity to join the teaching staff at Geelong Grammar School. Here he remained teaching design, art and craft and photography until early 1974. He returned to England in the summer of 1974 with his wife and son after deciding to become a professional artist in response to the demand for his work as an amateur.

The tranquillity of the English landscape has a fleeting, elusive quality so difficult to capture on canvas. However in this respect the work of David Dipnall is quite superb. He has the ability to convey the freshness of early spring, or the sultry softness as dusk falls after a hot summer's day.